Welcome to the communication division of LAETOLI Publishing

We believe good communication must remain simple, so no flashy stuff here.

As an example, please check our most recent work, the 2m² poster that will be up in the Brussels subway from 12 to 25th of October 2006. CLICK HERE

If you have a message to put through, contact us and we will work together to create the campaign that suits you best. There is no too small budget, and if we think your planned budget is too big for your objectives, we will also tell you. We are not here to ripp you off for one season goodbye. We want to develop strong long term partnerships, with personal direct contacts that build up trust and understanding.

Try us, tell us more about your plans on

We are based in Brussels, Belgium but you know this is no limit if you are anywhere else on Earth !

Our working languages are French, English and Italian. We can make first contacts also in Dutch and Spanish.

Hoping to read from you soon,

The Boogie Communication Team
Brussels, October 2006