Welcome to you, Earthling !

First of all please be aware that this site contains at the moment only material around the books written – in French- by Paul CARVEL, born in 1964 in Brussels, Belgium.

If you reached this place while looking for archeological information on the Laetoli fossilised foot prints, you will not find it here. In fact the name Laetoli is used here as a sort of tribute to our ancestors : as they left their traces more than three million years ago in the Laetoli sands in Eastern Africa, Paul CARVEL thought of leaving his humble written traces at the turn of a new millenium under that same name. Laetoli is in this case the name of the « maison d’édition », the publishing house ?

The writings of Paul CARVEL consist so far of short iconoclastic thoughts, or quotations, about the world of today simply called « Jets d’encre » or « Ink jets ». Three books of approximately 333 thoughts each are available: The first one is precisely called “Jets d’encre”(2000), the second “Mots de tête” (2002) and the third “Sel d’esprit” (2004). Subjects range from life and death, politics, sex, environment, to family life, art, food, dreams, religion...The approach also mixes all levels of seriousness, alternating the politically correct with provocation or just stuff for a good healthy laugh, hopefully.

The plan is to have one book with a selection of the quotations to be made available in English as soon as possible. Practically, this means when the money making job and the four kids leave some time and energy for the books project.

The English section of this site will be developed as soon as possible. It is three years that I say that, but I sincerely hope it will !

For a sample in English, please visit the web site www.thinkexist.com which features a selection of Carvel’s thoughts translated in English. From a stock of 39, the site proposes 20 of them at a time with a regular new random selection. Authors are classified by first name not last name, so look for Paul Carvel ! Take the time to explore the rest of this amazing web site, and eventually propose your own picks of thoughts to appear on it !


Besides the English selection of quotations mentioned above, the first “normal” book is in the making, you will enjoy the Belgian version of the superhero, a special for teenagers but definitely not forbidden for the others !
There is also a transatlantic comics project on its way together with an American artist who knows what drawing is all about. The story will also take place in the USA, which hopefully, if the work comes out and is successful, will entitle its Belgian author to an immediate and permanent green card ...(just joking)...



April 102005 of the Human Era